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Paste Your Video Link To Download Or Save Video

How To Download Online Video?

Copy video link from any online service by copying it from address bar and paste it in search box and press enter, this will generate video download link.

Note: Some restricted content like Music videos, Movies cannot be downloaded.

Reasons of downloading online videos by visitors:

  • Due to COVID-19 Lockdowns in whole world internet usage increased very rapidly, which causes lots of consumption of internet bandwidth, which causes internet to slow down, so it’s best to download the content and then play it.
  • Saving you from too many advertisements, some website uses too many ads, which causes troubles. Downloading and playing offline will save you from too much ads.
  • To Save Internet Usage: sometimes you have to view single video again and again, some of them like recipe, informational, learning, etc. so if you want to see same video again and again this consumes internet which results in cost of time and money.
  • People who are unable to access internet at some location: This service is very important to some people around the globe who are unable to access internet easily, they sometime need to go far from home to access internet, and these people can be cooks, students, teachers, employees or anyone who need internet to learn something. These download those videos and watch them at home.
  • Reporting an inappropriate video: Sometimes to report a video you need to download it and check it for fakeness or it may be inappropriate and should not be on internet, so you need to download it to report police complaint or to file a court case against it.
  • Saving very important video: sometimes you need to download your own video from your friend’s profile, this service help you to download those videos with ease.

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